Magento 2 is equipped with more advanced features. The latest edition is coque huawei y7 2018 bts announced with mega changes to improve the performance of online shop and storefronts and allow coque iphone 5s husky the merchants to expand coque iphone coque rose pale huawei y6 2018 5s silicone pikachu their businesses beyond any barrier.

The big change in Magento is now attracting more and coque huawei y5 2018 marque more merchants to move and experience the brilliant innovation. But, in order to move, they will be required to have compatible versions of all the plugins, themes and extensions they coque iphone 6s plus ebay have already installed in their store. This is coque iphone teen wolf where they need coque iphone personnlisable to visit the official marketplace and find relevant solutions.

Despite the latest version, Magento 1 is still in use by thousands of online stores worldwide, because they are not yet ready to migrate a great amount of data about their products, categories, customers,orders, sales, and a coque iphone 4s oeil well established online presence. This is the reason that merchants still using thetools for a foreseeable future, and coque iphone 6 résistant until they are ready to revamp the website with Magento 2.

The plugins and modules they were using on the previous version are still working fine just like the RichSnippets Magento extension coque iphone 5c poilu that is recommended for showcasing additional product information in theSERPs and making the search robots know more about the landing pages. The programmers aredeveloping tools for both the versions so coque iphone kitch that the end users can avail the applications suitable for theversion they use.

How can developers benefit from Magneto Marketplace

The launch of Magento 2 is created a lot of opportunities for the professionals and web developmentagencies. The official marketplace has become a hub of top notch extension where individuals andcompanies are given the rights to publish their valuable application to the enormous community ofsellers, merchants, and fellow developers. The latest Magento version is a hallmark of quality, highperformance, and increase online reach that is making the marketplace a mature and authentic place todisplay themes and extensions.

The Marketplace is created to coque iphone 5 palestine focus on delivering quality to the end consumers. It allows developers topublish their extensions on 30:70 revenue sharing. A product that is sold through this platform splits therevenue, so 30% goes to Magento and 70% is paid to the developer or publisher. coque iphone 6s luxewood The marketplace takescomplete care of the payment procedures to let coque iphone 4s silicone style the individual develop innovative solutions for thecommunity members. The sale of free products will surely generate zero in revenues.

The developers are required to comply with the defined rules of the marketplace, whereas Magento ishelping them with different tools to refine their skills and proceed further in their career.

How can you publish Magento 2 extension on the marketplace

Following is a step by step guide to submitting a Magento 2 extension to the coque arriere huawei y7 2018 marketplace. Complete your profile by adding your skills, expertise, experience, and affiliation with aweb agency or company. A company that aims to publish extensions and themes on the marketplace isrequired to maintain a single profile.

Add your extension

Once you log into the account, you can add work as products. It can either be a theme or extension. coque transparente silicone huawei psmart 2019 It isthe time to put your useful extension on the official store of Magento products and earn money as areward for your hard work. It is fast and reliable to sell your extension rather than owning coque iphone 6s noir mate and managinga storefront separately and entertain clients.

To add an extension, navigate to My Account section; click Developers Portal / My Products / AddExtension.

Proceed with the form filling by adding the title of the extension. It can be an appealing name thatclarifies all about the extension in a word or phrase. Further, you can the option to offer services alongwith a product. For this, you can select either Yes or No for offering additional services. Continueanswering the questions with an acceptable and fair reason. The questions are

Why is This Extension Not in Marketplace

What is the Functionality of Your Extension

What Makes Your Extension Unique

The replies to these questions depend on the product you develop. There is not defined answer for suitsevery extension. Once, you fill all the details, review them again and continue to enter the reviewprocess.

Business Review It takes into consideration the information you provide about the extension. Thisa review is conducted to evaluate either the product is of any help for the community and is saleable onthe marketplace.

Technical Review In this process, the developers review the entire product package (either theme orextension) and compare it against the required coding standards. It evaluates the technical aspects of aproduct that’s why coque huawei y5 2019 personnalisable it is recommended to ensure your project qualifies the validation step. There aretools to verify it before coque iphone 5c avec prenom submission.

Marketing coque iphone 5c spurs Review Approval coque iphone 4 pingouin rose from the coque iphone 4 bambi technical coque iphone 6s hugo boss review leads to marketing review. In this stage, thecontent, user guides, screenshots, pricing, and installation manuals are examined. It is recommended tokeep the prices and features consistently in the content across the submission and your website.

QA Review The Quality Assurance review start with the installation of your extension by Magentoteam. The product with smooth and bug free installation is successful in meeting the required standardsand their expectations.

The product that passes successfully throughout the review processes is approved and make live at theMagento marketplace…

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