Kantar has revisited its Connected Car study to assess whether consumers and automakers alike are making the most of technological advancements in the coque samsung a5 2016 dragon automotive industry. Have connected car owners gained a better understanding of the benefits they coque iphone 6s transparente dessin can access Have car manufacturers coque iphone 6 metal leveraged the opportunities for growth that coque marbre samsung galaxy a5 2017 were identified in our original report

The latest report reveals further insights and highlights new opportunities with a focus on nine countries coque iphone 7 avant arriere spanning several European markets, the samsung galaxy a5 2017 coque star wars United coque iphone 5s rugby States and China. It coque iphone 6 silicone swag summarises the four key coque iphone 4 diamant findings from 2017, followed by the 2019 updates, allowing a simple, direct comparison between the two.

Connectivity is still lackingreal world coque iphone 6 fantaisie relevancefor many. It remains one of the least important factors taken into consideration when buying a car with only 9% of coque iphone 6 devant derrière the aggregated data. by around coque integrale samsung a5 2019 10% to 15% points coque iphone shop in just ebay coque iphone 7 two years. with China still leading the way. About three quarters of connected car drivers now use at least one coque iphone 4s blanc of the features available. That is a moderate growth compared to 2017.

The idea that people put more trust in car brands to keep private data confidential than any of the big tech companies is reinforced in 2019. In Germany, five times as many people lean coque iphone 7 blanche towards car brands than towards tech giants.

In the coque samsung a5 2017 tpu survey of 4,500 connected car owners, coque iphone 6 pas cher amazon we also found:

The willingness to coque samsung a5 2017 marrante buy connected cars coque iphone 3d is growing in most markets. A littleover 50%of Americans are willing to coque iphone 6 plus chanel buy a car with connected features, while in Spain and China, this is closer to80%.

Explanation and demonstration of connected features at the dealership are more frequent compared to two years ago. On average, two out of three driversare coque iphone 6s noir mat now aware coque iphone 6s apple silicone their car is a connected one.

Kantar has discovered that car manufacturers (OEMs) have made progress to leverage the opportunities to value up the connected features they put on board and make customers willing to ask for them. The new study provides a rich source of information about the most effective ways to engage drivers and to coque iphone 6s jaune increase the appeal of Connected features to make them more contributing to an impactful customer experience…

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