As one of my most used apps on the iPhone, I’m very glad to orange coque samsung a5 see it getting iPhone 5 support and (despite my headline) doing it relatively quickly. The update is quite nice, allowing you to see more rows of images in your profile and explore tabs.

You’ll notice that the photo view is also no longer truncated, giving you full access to all of the data surrounding your photos.

The expanded photo view coque samsung galaxy grand coque iphone 5 cupcakes prime ebay is lovely too, coque samsung coque ananas iphone 5 galaxy j3 kawaii with more photos on screen at coque iphone 5 3 a given time. Sure, it’s scrollable but it demonstrates coque samsung galaxy g the larger screen’s usefulness for a grid type interface.

But the capture mode is a tad awkward, as Instagram’s square capture window isn’t really able to take advantage of the larger screen coque iphone 5s chaine real estate. Also, curiously, the live coque iphone xr yamaha filtration options seem to be gone coque iphone 4s m&m on the iPhone 5 after update to the latest version. We’re not sure if that’s a bug or what.

You can see in the screenshot coque samsung a10 aliexpress from coque samsung coque iphone 5 mec s5 mickey the iPhone 5 that where the live filter button normally resides sitsnothing. The iPhone 4S seems to retain the button after the update.

The new registration flow has more Facebook goodness embedded into it, as you coque samsung galaxy grand prime jolie can now grab all of your Facebook info for use in automatically filling out your profile, including picture, email, name and phone number. The app stilldoes not offer a Facebook login option, which is interesting. A separate username and password for Instagram alone are still required.

The update is about what you’d coque samsung a40 basket expect, but executed well. Unlike some apps coque iphone 5 coque cute samsung a5 2016 bambou that simply enlarged their displayed views, Instagram took the time to tweak the interface to coque samsung galaxy ace 6 work well with the new iPhone. Aside fromt he lack of live filtration on the iPhone 5, which is an odd omission. We’ve reached out to see what might have been the coque rugby iphone 5 cause of the removal.

Instagram says that coque samsung galaxy s7 edge pantone a version 3.1 update for Android is coming soon.

Update: Instagram has posted a notice on its ‘known issues’ site (as pointed out to us by Mark Wilkins) that details the reason live filters aren’t on the iPhone 5:

As of the coque samsung a3 2016 bois current release (v3.1), Instagram does not support live filters on the iPhone 5. Going forward, live filters will be phased out achat coque samsung galaxy s6 as we work to coque samsung galaxy s5 sailor moon improve the Instagram experience for all users.

So, for whatever reason, Instagram feels that live filters coque iphone 5 s kenzo tigre aren’t a part of the best experience it can provide. And it appears that they’ll be ‘phased out’ in future versions of the app. Still no word on why, but perhaps because they led to a significant portion of app crashes or slowdowns. Either way, you can kiss those goodbye…

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