Apple released iOS 12 on Sept. 17, and most of the announced features have been released for the iPhone’s latest available operating system. However, some brand new features can be accessed with Apple’s latest beta, iOS 12.4. If you want to try out coque huawei p10 lite humour all its new features before everyone else, you can install the developer or coque iphone 5c rose pas cher public beta on your iPhone coque samsung s6 edge right now.

Released first to developers on May 15, just two days after iOS 12.3’s stable version was available to the masses for iPad, iPhone, coque iphone 11 anti choc and iPod touch, iOS 12.4 includes the beginnings of Apple Card. The first beta will coque samsung s10 be made available to the public on May 20 via Apple’s coque samsung s7 edge amazon Beta Software Program. So, whether you’re a registered Apple developer coque samsung j3 6 or coque iphone ines de la fressange just someone who wants to install the public beta, we’ll cover both methods below.

Before you jump the gun and set up your iPhone with the latest and greatest from Apple, though, there’s some housekeeping you need to take care of first. While not necessary, skipping an archived coque huawei p10 leopard backup could be more trouble than the time it takes to complete. Previously, the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 both lasted a total of five major OS versions. This also applies to iOS 12.4 beta.

Archive an iOS BackupIf your experience with iOS coque samsung galaxy note 8 11 or coque huawei p10 militaire iOS 12 was buggy, you might want those coque iphone 6 victoria secret pink days to coque huawei p10 lite cute be far behind you. We get it. But if you’re going to make the dive into iOS 12.4 beta, you’ll want to keep a backup of your iPhone as it currently stands. If something goes wrong during beta testing and you don’t have a backup, you may not be able to return to iOS 11 or iOS 12.2 without losing everything on your iPhone.

You can make your backup through either iCloud or iTunes, but we recommend iTunes so you can archive your backup, which eliminates the risk of overwriting that backup the next time your iPhone syncs.

More Info: How to Back Up Restore Your iPhone Without iTunes After coque iphone 5s transparente liquide backing up with iTunes, select «iTunes» in the menu bar, followed by «Preferences,» then click the «Devices» tab. Locate and right click on your backup in the list, then select «Archive» coque samsung j3 silicone to protect it. From now on, when you back up your iPhone with iOS 12.4 beta, that backup will be saved separately, leaving your archived iOS 12.2 backup untouched and able to be restored if something should happen.

Example of archiving an iOS 11 backup in iTunes. Of course, this method is only useful coque iphone 6 adidas silicone for as long as Apple signs iOS 12.2. Once Apple declares an older operating system a relic of the past, your archive is as good as gone unless you back up your SHSH2 blobs. With this method, you can trick iTunes into letting you restore an iPhone to an unsigned version of iOS. It’s a bit more intensive than the above step, but it better protects your archive.

More Info: Save Your iPhone’s SHSH2 Blobs So You Can Downgrade iOS Later

How to Install the iOS 12.4 Developer BetaDevelopers gain access to iOS betas earlier than the public, coque samsung s9 as well as receive release notes containing the changes that come with each update. The developer beta for iOS 12.4 dropped shortly after iOS 12.3 was released, so just use the instructions coque iphone se kpop below to download coque iphone 6 pompom and install the beta as soon as possible. If you were already a part of the iOS 12 developer beta, all you need to do is jump down to step 10 below.

Register your iPhone’s UDID with your dev account, if not done so already. Plug your iPhone in to charge it and connect to Wi Fi. Sign into your developer account. If you coque huawei p10 couleurs have two factor authentication on your account, verify your identity as instructed. Tap «Download» next to the iOS 12.4 beta.

On the popup, «Allow» the website to open up your Settings. When prompted, select «Restart» to restart your iPhone.

Once your iPhone is running the iOS 12 developer profile, you can check the «Software Update» section in your device’s «General» settings to install new beta versions.

How to Install the iOS 12.4 Public BetaBefore you can start testing iOS 12.4 on your iPhone, you need to enroll in the Apple Beta Software Program for iOS 12. If you already enrolled before, you can just sign in instead of sign up. You will still need to complete the process below if you were previously on an iOS 11 beta profile. If you were on the iOS 12.0, 12.1, or 12.2 public beta before, you won’t have to do anything except check for updates in your settings. Tap the «Sign Up» or «Sign In» button. Log in using your Apple ID and password. Read and accept the Apple Beta coque samsung galaxy j6 plus Software Program Agreement.

Tap on «Install» when the iOS 12 Beta Software Profile appears. Enter your passcode to confirm. Tap «Install» on the Consent form, then coque samsung galaxy core «Install» on the popup.

Restart your iPhone immediately or whenever you want. After it’s back up and running, go to Settings> General> Software Update. Select «Download and Install,» then finish installing the iOS 12.4 beta just like any other update.

Welcome to the iOS 12.4 beta! Let us know in the comments below any and all bugs and glitches you may experience. And if they become too much for you to coque huawei p10 solide bear, you can always downgrade back to iOS coque samsung j4+ 12.3…

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