Censoring is Required While Moving FEABO Chapters Forced Estrus [ABO]FE [ABO] Chapter 22: Censoring is Required While Moving12 min readby exiledrebelsscanlationson January 14, 2020January 14, 20201 Comment on FE [ABO] Chapter 22: Censoring bracelet argent avec pampille is Required While Moving12 min read Chapter 22: Censoring is Required While bracelet femme iwatch Moving The Empire second class warship, ABIS, had been leaving Lambeth’s vicinity for three days. Because the situation was not urgent and it was still under the control of the local army, Ed and his team were not in a hurry. After only one space jump, they moved slowly at normal speed. It was not the first time Ed had been aboard the ABIS. Since he was promoted to general, he had cooperated with this warship more than once or twice. However, as a warship, the ABIS was not as good as Ed own small spacecraft, but at this time, it was bracelet femme argent zirconium far from the case since Ed himself was present. Ed, with his montre bracelet femme sekonda General’s uniform on, strolled around the conference room image tatouage bracelet femme with a large view window, idling for carrefour bracelet femme a while and bracelet femme style hipanema then went to the bridge. «General.» The soldier in the co pilot seat greeted Ed as soon as he saw him coming in. me see. Ed waved and stood behind the flight controller, looking at the route through the cab glass and the monitor. Ed had been hanging around here since yesterday. For the first time, he was so nervous about two controllers who were not part of his team. The two controllers were afraid that this bracelet femme kaki general would have instructions or come to check bracelet femme or auchan their work, so their backs were straight and they dared not leave. Ed also found that the two subordinates were too nervous because of his arrival. The questions were also answered by formula. They could only walk around in a circle. In the past, there were quite a lot of tasks bracelet femme avec prenom enfant when he walked out. On the way, he had to agree on plans and observe the war situation. This was bracelet femme ipanema the first time that Ed faced such a relaxed situation. It felt like he had come to travel with public expenses. As a result, he didn know what he was doing on the way. After taking the optical camouflage and the fake ID, Augus performed his duty. He really regarded himself as Ed most common soldier. coque huawei p9 He used the hormone camouflage of a beta, did training pierre de lune bracelet femme and ate with other soldiers every day. Except for the bracelet femme perle swarovski reports before going to the warship, bracelet argent femme chic he never met Ed. On the first day, Ed specially ordered the guards to tell a soldier named Fleur to see him. Fleur, the name of Augus fake identity, didn appear on Ed list at once. bracelet argent monde Ed knew in his heart that no matter what Augus bracelet femme pompon did, as long as he was involved in the army and war, he would be serious. iphone 11 case amazon/a> This was the third day. If he didn ask Augus to come to him, Augus would be able to act as a small soldier all the way to Lambeth. second regiment, ID 15497, Fleur, come to see me. Ed finally couldn help but use his men. coque samsung j5 Although he was a beta, he had always performed well on the battlefield. He had known Ed for many years. He didn show any doubt at all when he heard the order, even bracelet argent nostra though Ed wanted to see an ordinary soldier bracelet femme argent mary jane he had never heard of. Although bracelet argent ancien ebay Ed admired the other professionalism, he occasionally thought he was too boring. But for the serious work, maybe it will be very suitable for Augus Ed, who had no idea where he was, turned his pen behind his desk and soon heard the door open. coque iphone 7 pas cher Dressed in an optical camouflage, Augus now had dark brown hair, younger facial features and sparse freckles, just like a young recruit. «General Ed.» Langer, who opened the door, was still standing beside Augus. Augus could only make a proper imperial salute. Ed nodded in his seat and couldn help laughing. Ed cleared his throat, can go first. There no emergency and you won be notified. He glanced at the teenager, who could not be more common, bracelet femme uno de 50 and then he retreated. After the door was closed again, Augus was still standing at the door, not knowing what Ed wanted him to do. gone, why are you still bracelet argent trop grand standing over there Ed stood up and walked to the door to bracelet femme argent petit poignet pull Augus toward him. absolutely soundproof. This is the commander office. Ed sat down on the sofa, watching Augus’s reaction to his words, and then sat down beside him. Ed put his chin on Augus shoulder, fretting because his familiar pheromones were covered with camouflage. Augus nodded. can keep down my pheromones when I training. No one can detect the abnormality. Now that Augus had a chance, he cherished this feeling since he had been in the military camp before. But it didn stop Ed from complaining, rather be a rookie than come here to talk to me. We have something to talk about. He just slightly blushed and gasped. Ed leaned over onto the sofa with one hand, snuck into Augus clothes with the other hand, scratched his nipples back and forth, and soon felt that Augus chest was stiff. off the optical camouflage first. It feels like I touching someone else. It weird. Although Ed clearly felt that bracelet femme argent ou acier this body was Augus his face was different from that of the normal one. Augus hesitated, turned off the optical camouflage, and in a flash he turned back to the black haired youth that Ed knew well. don want to inject it again. Ed stopped as soon as he heard this, but his lower body was too hard and hot. Augus said, bracelet femme or maille anglaise grimacing. The red tip of his ears revealed his mood. coque iphone 7 Ed wanted to end the friction with each other, but he didn expect Augus to offer to help him. Naturally, he was not very happy.

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