Smartphones are becoming more capable by the day. If the latest iPhone 11 is any indication, we are soon entering the era of smartphones activer coque samsung that do everything from content creation to heavy computation really well. At their most basic coque samsung s7 silicone licorne form, however, smartphones are becoming really good at boosting productivity. The smartphones themselves are only one part of the equation. There are coque samsung galaxy j3 2016 priceminister services, apps, and solutions designed to make staying productive very easy to do. If you are wondering how a smartphone coque samsung souple can coque samsung galaxy not 3 boost coque samsung galaxy s6 edge cuir your productivity to a whole new level, these apps and solutions will help you get started with enjoying the benefits right away. Better JournalingOne of the most neglected ways of boosting coque samsung galaxy trend lite s7390 swag productivity is keeping track of the things you do. Journaling is an important part of staying productive. When you document the things that you do on a daily basis, you can learn from simple, everyday activities better. coque iphone x Five Minute Journal, an app designed to make journaling coque samsung a5 fille as simple as it gets, is a great solution to use if you want to start writing down your activities. It basically comes with three primary coque samsung galaxy s4 mini rose pale features: a way coque samsung galaxy grand prime pois to track your goals, show gratitude, and document your life on a daily basis. Five Minute Journal is designed to be very simple for a purpose. Journaling requires consistency and a complex journaling solution will make remaining consistent difficult. With its simple interface and the feature set it offers, Five Minute Journal is the perfect journaling app to use. Advanced Project ManagementYou can see tasks you have to do every day as small projects to manage. While there is no shortage of project management tools and apps, the one I recommend in this article is Kanbanize. iphone 11 case As an agile project management tool, Kanbanize has it all. As the name suggests, Kanbanize utilizes the traditional Kanban method, but it adds modern twists to the system. It allows you to implement an agile approach to project management without having coque samsung j5 2017 en cuir rouge to jump through hoops. coque iphone 6 pas cher On top of that, Kanbanize runs entirely in the cloud. By using Kanbanize as coque samsung galaxy s3 mini cheval the primary project management platform, you can easily organize tasks and projects in a visual way. The platform lets you collaborate with team members and stakeholders too, plus you maintain a visual view of the projects you are working on at all times. A Calm MindStaying productive is as much about maintaining calmness and composure as it is about getting things done. When you maintain a clear and calm mind, you are in a position to make better decisions, react faster, and deal with problems coque samsung galaxy s6 edge officiel in a more effective way. iphone 11 case kate spade This is where Headspace, a meditation app that has coque aimante samsung a5 2017 gotten very popular among smartphone users, comes in handy. Headspace utilizes a simple yet fun user interface to help you get into meditation and mindfulness exercises. It covers subjects such spigen coque samsung a40 as sleep coque samsung galaxie tab e quality and stress management. If you have doubts about the effectiveness of meditation and its impact on productivity, the app is definitely for you. Sessions are divided into groups based on the objectives you want to achieve. There are practice sessions to help you master the art of breathing and improve daily awareness. New Things to LearnNext, we have an app that helps you learn new things: Audible. Reading books is still considered the best way to absorb new information and learn new things, but reading isn’t the only way you can do that. Thanks to Audible and its audiobooks, you can listen to books and enjoy the same benefits. Audible has an extensive library of audiobooks. Since you don’t coque smartphone samsung a5 2017 have to set aside time to read books, you can learn new things by reading them on your way to work or in between tasks. If you are really good at multitasking, you can even listen to books while working on other tasks. Audible also comes with a notetaking app. Whenever you come across an interesting point, you can immediately write it down without leaving the Audible app. This is a simple feature that makes Audible that much more effective as a way to learn new things. Unified NotesSpeaking about writing important points down, note taking is another important coque samsung galaxy s5 garçon aspect of boosting productivity. No matter how good you are at remembering things, writing things down is still the better way to organize key points and important information. It is even better if you can keep your notes in one place, and Evernote remains the best tool for the job. The app and web service isn’t just good for taking notes, it is also very capable as a note management tool. Evernote goes the extra mile in the notetaking department. coque iphone 5s For example, you can search old notes easily, even when they are handwritten. You can organize notes into lists and groups. Evernote automatically coque samsung galaxy j3 ebay syncs your notes across all connected devices, which means you can write something down on your iPad and continue the note on your phone seamlessly. Automate!Last but certainly not least, we have the ultimate way of boosting productivity: automation. Automation has always been the way forward, but it wasn’t really accessible until very recently. Now that there are more automation tools and services available, you can automate mundane tasks easily. If This Then That or IFTTT is the oldest name in the game of automation. IFTTT simplifies automation by turning it into fun recipes. There are thousands of recipes you can use out of the box; creating custom ones isn’t as difficult as you think either. With the right recipes, you can automate contact sync, document creation, processing of emails, and everything in between. You can also use IFTTT to automate more advanced tasks such as social media marketing and project management. You can even utilize IFTTT to manage your meetings. These are only a handful of examples that show how far smartphones and the apps or services around them can boost your productivity. Using the right apps coque stitch samsung a5 and by integrating web services that work to your advantage, you can really leverage the use of today’s best smartphones to perform better at work.

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