Waay way back in 2007 when I was younger, I was working as a carpenter fitting out a well known coque iphone 5s rocket high street shop. We were fitting these display units that had this broken glass effect. Well, it was actually broken glass sandwiched under intact glass coque iphone groupe de musique so customers wouldn cut themselves. One day there was a beautiful young coque iphone groot shop staff lady gazing at it in awe and amazement. I asked no, did you break it she laughed. One thing led to another and not too long later she was my wife. Anyway, I really liked the broken glass thing and thought I would use that one day. More recently, I found the LINDRANDE display box in IKEA and decided this was my time. You can see the whole broken glass lamp project in video form here. With all the glass out you can give it a good clean with a glass or window cleaner to get rid of coque iphone platine vinyle any finger prints or other marks. There are some small foam pads to support the glass and these left some adhesive residue on my glass so watch out for that. Next, you can use coque iphone 5s gto each piece of glass as a template to cut out the window security film. This film is designed for security to hold the glass together when broken and make it more difficult for burglars to enter coque iphone xs max dragonne your home. You will need two pieces of film for each piece of glass (one for each side of the glass). Be aware there are three different sizes of glass so keep each glass and its film together. custom iphone 11 case Give the glass another quick wipe to make sure it doesn have any dust particles which will be problematic for the next step. Affix window security film Now that we have a pile of glass and film we can stick it together. First, spray the glass with soapy water. Then, peel the coque iphone 6 carte bleue protective backer from the film and place the film with the adhesive side to coque iphone 8 chanel the wet glass. The soapy water allows you to adjust the position of the film. coque iphone x Then you can squeegee out the water and any air bubbles to stick it in the correct coque iphone 5c santa muerte position. Make sure to get as much of the water out as possible so that it dries out more quickly. Repeat for both sides of all the pieces of glass and then place separately in a warm dry place to fully dry out. A dish drying rack or toast rack coque iphone 6 miyazaki would be perfect for this. It may take up to a week to fully dry. It is important that coque iphone xs max motocross all the water is gone so that the film is fully stuck to the glass. Drill opening coque iphone 6 infirmiere for lamp socket While the film is drying you can take the empty LINDRANDE frame and coque iphone 6 note de musique turn it upside down. Mark coque iphone 5s ca the centre coque iphone 7 my hero academia of the base and drill with the 30mm drill. This coque iphone xs max silicone bling bling is a standard size for a pendant light shade. Make sure it is well centred coque iphone 5s albanie so that the light hangs straight, if it is coque iphone xs max origine off centre the light will sit at a funny angle. Some time later when when the film is dry you start coque iphone xs change de couleur to replace it into the frame. coque iphone xs Remember, there are three different sizes. The largest is for the lid and this can be set aside for now. If you replace it now it will get in the way. The side pieces will be two long and two short pieces. Make sure you fit the long pieces first as the short pieces kind of fit in between them. coque iphone 7 Fit the piece of glass (don forget to close those metal tabs) and then run a bead of hot melt glue all around it to seal it in position. Add each piece of glass, sealing it as you go and make sure each piece is fully glued as this will hold the edges together when broken. Break the glass Next is the fun part! Start breaking the glass! Place a small piece of scrap personnaliser ma coque iphone 4 wood onto a hard surface. And then, place the LINDRANDE onto the wood so that coque iphone yoda the wood supports the glass only. kawaii iphone 11 case The glass needs to be flat onto the piece of wood, this will give better control of how the glass is broken. Then with the empty lid closed you can reach inside and start hitting the glass. I found a coque iphone xs max cordon small pin hammer worked really well. Don use anything sharp as it may cut the film. You can get creative with breaking the glass and crack it in artistic ways. Just be careful not to turn the glass into powder as then the film will no longer stick and it will fall apart. When you are happy with the sides you can glue in the lid piece and give it the same treatment. coque iphone 6 Now the light can be fitted just like a normal lamp shade. Be aware that it is quite heavy so you may need a coque iphone 5s silicone transparente motif stronger pendant wire. Some other creative options to consider: I originally looked at SAMMANHANG display box for this project but it looked a little more awkward to disassemble. And I quite like the minimalist look of the LINDRANDE. The SAMMANHANG does have toughened glass though which when broken would shatter the entire piece into small consistent particles giving a more coque iphone 4s bouche clean refined look.

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