Turn Your Samsung Galaxy S3 Do you own a Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4 smartphone Do you also want or need a tablet, but can’t afford coque iphone 8 360 to purchase one No problem. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, you can easily turn your smartphone into a tablet with a new piece of technology called TransMaker. This handy coreless tablet relies on your phone’s chip, storage and operating system. Using TransMaker is a no brainer, just insert your phone into the back of the device and you now have a touchscreen tablet. There are two difference sizes to choose from: 10.1 and 11.6 HD. You can coque iphone 5s rouge jaune vert even go a step further and coque iphone x goyard turn your smartphone into a laptop by attaching the optional keyboard. There coque iphone 5s personnalise are a number of wonderful and smart apps that you can use on your phone. iphone 11 case kate spade These brain training apps have been scientifically designed to target specific areas of personalliser coque iphone 4s the human mind and control harmful emotions such as anxiety, as well as coque huawei p30 phrase to improve memory and sharpness of the brain. Here are 11 iPhone apps that you will not only enjoy but also find useful in keeping your mental health balanced at all times. 1. coque iphone 7 pas cher This app consists of games that focus on improving the user memory, problem solving capability, attention span, and thinking. There are three games in each session, and they challenge the brain by changing every time. The user has to complete the games while playing coque iphone a la mode against a clock. Free of trial. $15 per month for the full version.2. coque iphone x This brain training app has 10 sets of games that coque iphone 7 biere work on different areas of the brain and improve memory as well as concentration. A user is required to finish a particular task from each category on a action coque iphone coque huawei p30 lite lot 8 daily basis and the app tracks the progress by a color coded graph.3. Developed with the help coque iphone 6 sexy girl 44 – etui pour téléphone mobile of neuroscientists, this fun app improves a person cognitive abilities, which includes memory and concentration. The progress made by the user over a period of time can be tracked. Users can also play challenge rounds coque iphone 6s halloween with their friends. The app also modifies the difficulty coque iphone 7 funny level to suit the profile of the user and provide coque iphone milky way recommendations based on the results. Spending 20 minutes a few times every week can give measurable improvement in the performance of a user. First four games free, then $13 a month. 4. The makers of coque huawei p30 soleil this app claim that it can improve the IQ of a user, and improve intelligence and memory. 5. If nothing else makes you happy in life, this app will. Well, this is what the developers claim at least. This app comes loaded with lots of quizzes, polls and gratitude journals, which work on the fundamentals of positive psychology. The app also helps to control stress and emotions to coque iphone 5 s personaliser make you feel better. Free to use. 6. coque iphone xs You will like the little gold robot that comes in every time to explain the next game you are going to coque iphone 5s miroir rose play. While the games are not much different coque iphone 6 berenice to those offered in apps such as Luminosity, the look and feel reminds me of a workshop from old times. 7. Initially created as an coque huawei p30 flip app for suicide coque huawei p30 ocean prevention, it has found its use as a great app for tracking the mood of the user by taking measure of all things relevant to the user mental health. In case the user experiences high emotional stress, the app has a coping mechanism coque iphone 6 pela that includes voice recorded mindfulness, exercises and music for relaxation. iphone 11 case amazon/a> There is also a map that informs the user of the nearest therapist and coque iphone 7 personnalisable avis medical facilities for mental health treatment. 8. EideticEidetic is a memory enhancement app and uses a repetition technique to help users memorize information such as important phone numbers, words, credit card details or coque huawei p30 lite rigide passwords. It also notifies you when it time to take a test to see what you remember, so that you retain information in your long term memory. 9. Braingle helps to maintain the sharpness of the brain and improve the reasoning ability of a person through riddles and optical illusions. It is different from other brain training apps that employ memory and reaction based tests. You can also compete with your friends and family members in figuring out the fun riddles. 11. This fun brain training app follows the journey of two animated characters who travel through a field of grass. coque iphone 6 Personal Zen is a nice app meant for reducing anxiety and trains the brain to focus on the positive aspects.

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