Asus ROG Phone 2 is not only great with hardware but also when it comes to the software and its modification. The phone has received decent support from the custom development community, be it custom ROMs, custom recovery (TWRP), root, etc. While each and every cover samsung grand prime disney one of these modifications would give you great flexibility with the software, but it may sometimes also give you enough reasons to revert your phone back to the stock ROM/firmware.

For instance, if you want to sell your phone or submit it for an RMA claim (repair under official warranty). But also if you want to receive the latest OTA system updates from Asus again. Or, the custom ROM experience wasn iphone 6 6s hoesje that satisfactory as you thought initially. Another thing that should be taken into consideration is Widevine L1 support (for HD streaming in apps like Netflix). As soon as you unlock the bootloader, the Widevine certification turns from L1 to L3, limiting your streaming to SD quality.

Restoring the Stock Firmware on ROG Phone 2In any of these cover samsung sm g313hn cases, simply performing a factory reset via the settings menu or via the recovery will not help. A factory reset only erases all the data on your phone, and since custodia cover samsung a10 you might have performed modifications to the system (includes the system, vendor, or boot partitions) when flashing custom ROMs, rooting, etc, it will be of no use.

So, in order to fully revert to the stock ROM, you will need to manually install the stock firmware on your ROG Phone 2. This has to be done by flashing the RAW firmware file via fastboot cover samsung j3 2017 360 mode.

If you rooted your phone via the Magisk patched boot image, you could simply restore the stock boot and uninstall Magisk. Or, if you have installed TWRP recovery, you could ebay cover samsung a5 2017 use it to flash the official full firmware ZIP provided by Asus.

So, why are we using the RAW firmware file for this purpose Well, while all those methods could work, but if even the slightest of the modifications are cover samsung galaxy s3 neo silicone 3d left over, your phone will probably end up in cover samsung pocket 2 a soft brick, which could be daunting, especially if you are new to flashing.

Flashing the RAW firmware file is the fool proof way of restoring the stock firmware on your ROG Phone 2. In doing so, all the partitions of your phone will be flashed back to stock, leaving no scope for custodia iphone subacquea any previous modifications to persist.

Now, without any flip cover for iphone 6s india further cover samsung galaxy s4 mini portafoglio ado, let start!

PrerequisitesMake sure that you fulfill all the requirements stated below before you proceed.

Always take a backup first! Flashing and restoring the stock firmware will erase all the data stored on your phone. This includes the contacts, messages, photos, documents, music, and everything on the internal storage. So, make sure that you have backed up all your important data before you head to the instructions. This cover samsung galaxy grand neo plus a libro will prevent the phone from suddenly shutting down during the restore process due to a cover samsung s4 mini flip lack of battery charge. These files are voluntarily provided by developers in online communities iphone 7 plus cover battery like XDA, 4PDA, etc. So, a huge thanks to them!

You would need to download the type of firmware according to the method you choose to install it. huawei mate 10 hoesje This method will work. The only requirement being that your phone should be able to enter fastboot mode. To do this, hold the Power key until the Power menu appears. Then select offOnce your phone is powered off, hold the Volume Up and Power keys together to enter Fastboot Mode.

As soon samsung s6 edge plus hoesje as the script is launched, you will see a black colored Command Prompt (CMD) window open up on your PC screen. This will show you the progress of the flashing process. That it! You have just restored your ROG Phone 2 to its stock firmware.

Instructions to Relock Bootloader on ROG Phone 2Now, if you have no further plans to root the phone, install a custom ROM, or cover samsung j5 2017 per ragazze perform any other sorts of modifications, then it also a wise choice to relock the phone bootloader. This will not only ensure your phone integrity but will also allow you to restore the Widevine L1 support. So, you should be able to stream media in HD quality in apps like Netflix.

Relocking the bootloader on the ROG Phone 2 is as simple as issuing a fastboot command via your PC. To do this:

Step 1: Open the folder where you extracted the RAW firmware ZIP file during the previous instructions. As I mentioned, cover samsung a3 2017 silicone the extracted files already include the Android platform tools like fastboot, so you will not need to install them separately.

Step 2: Now, hold the SHIFT key on the PC keyboard and right click on any empty space inside custodia cover huawei y7 2019 the folder (where the files are not present). Then select the PowerShell window here option from the contextual menu that appears. This will launch the Windows PowerShell in the same cover samsung s 4 per telefono folder where the required fastboot tool is present…

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